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About Tea Shire Drive

Our Shire horse grazing on the farm
Norfolk Island Tea Cuttings
Meet the Family


Our family has been involved with horses for many years and have worked hard to start a business that allows us to work with these beautiful animals, while making the most of our home - Norfolk Island!

We imported the first ever Shire to Norfolk Island in 2019 with the dream of taking carriage rides around this beautiful place.

We are now making this dream a reality with the launching of Tea Shire Drive. Our stunning Lanka or 'Big Girl' has been the perfect start to our team, and we hope to provide many high end carriage tours for years to come.

Both my wife, Ashley, and I grew up on this beautiful island and we now look forward to raising our son in the same relaxed atmosphere that we remember so fondly.

We hope to see you on a tour soon! 

- PJ

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